Winter in Cyprus

Winter in Cyprus

Something about the winter just makes you want to fall in love

Winter in Cyprus lasts from December to February with January and February being the most cold months of the year. Many visitors can't beleive how cold it is and this is due to the humidity which creates the impression that the cold gets into your bones, unlike other countries with lower temperatures but no humidity which makes the cold more tolerable. This is also the time of year where smaller Mediterranean destinations shut down for the season, but not Cyprus. In the mountainous regions, temperatures can drop considerably in the winter, and skiing is possible. The snow on Mount Olympus, over 2000 metres high, is fabulous during the winter, with facilities open from January through March.  

Check out todays weather from the Troodos webcam for a virtual view here!

If you are a nature lover, happy to spend your days outdoors, Cyprus is a wonderful holiday destination in the winter, as the landscape is transformed into lush, green and fertile. The Troodos National Forest Park is the largest on the Island and is home to the largest number of plant life in Cyprus. There are numerous other nature parks on the Island, most of which offer outstanding camping amenities. Winter is strawberry season in Cyprus so make sure to pick some first chance you will get.


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