Mazotos Shipwreck

Mazotos Shipwreck

Information about the mysterious Shipwreck of Mazotos

The Shipwreck of Mazotos is a merchant ship located in the sea area off the village of Mazotos. The Shipwreck of Mazotos was discovered in the late classical period. The Mazotos wreck is at a depth of 40 meters. It is the first shipwreck of this period that has been found in the South Sea to carry Chios amphoras. During the late classical period there was trade between the people of the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Research in the Mazotos Shipwreck began in 2007 and it is conducted by the Archeology Research Unit (EMA) of the University of Cyprus under the direction of Dr. Stella Demesticha, in collaboration with Thetis Foundation and the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus. This research is the first underwater archaeological research carried out by Cypriot phores.

Four surface surveys were conducted in the period 2007-2009, aiming to capture the visible findings and their significance. In the first survey, they measured at least 500 surface amphorae, mostly from Chios, in an area of ​​16 x 6 meters on a sandy, almost flat bottom.

From 2010 until today three excavation periods have been made, which brought to light important findings. In addition to the Chiaces amphorae, lead strands, sections of a total of three ship anchors, as well as a number of olive-pomace, were also discovered.

The next excavation period in 2012 revealed the keel and the important part of the ship's nail. Also the survey brought to light the secondary cargo of the vessel, which consists of rods (tableware for wine serving).

Since 2010, the Department of Antiquities has undertaken the maintenance of the findings of the Mazotos Shipwreck, and has created a Conservation Office of Upright Antiquities, where all the findings of the Mazotos Wreck excavation are kept and maintained.

The scientific team of NGO Enalia Nature has undertaken to record and study the biodiversity of the shipwreck.

This information is about the interesting and mysterious Mazotos Wreck.

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