Medieval stone bridge Milia

Medieval stone bridge Milia

Enjoy the tranquility and travel back in time!

Located between Platres and Pera Pedi villages in Limassol. The bridge during the Middle Ages connected the way for the two villages and bridges the river "Cold" as today. It is a very quiet place and all that will sound in your ears are birds chirping and water flowing from the river. 

There are three ways to get to the bridge, driving, hiking or cycling. You can start your hike from the sports center of Platres, but i will not recommend it because it is a difficult linear path from 1 to 1.5 kilometers. Driving or bicycling is very simple, easy and fast access. Suitable for young children and the elderly.

How to find?
Starting from Limassol to Troodos from the main road the exit is a sharp turn and is easy to miss. Pay attention to signs when you see that you are getting close to Platres, look for the waterfall of Myllomeri on your right. You going to turn into a dirt road, continue and see from the signs to where you go. If you want of course you can make a stop at the waterfall, it will be on your right and straight on is the bridge of Milia. You will find again signs and a large map with photos, the bridge will be on your right about 300-400 meters. Park on the street side. Hiking you will see a new small wooden bridge, there you will see the medieval bridge.

Enjoy the tranquility and travel back in time making picnic in particular beauty of Milia!

Medieval stone bridge Milia

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