The new life trend

Initially it would be good to make a distinction between aloneness and loneliness. Αloneness is accompanied by a negative connotation, a feeling of loss and emptiness in contrast to loneliness which carries a more positive connotation and its informed choice by the individual.

There are many social media in the 21st century that help us to 'communicate' but virtually. Our age not only offers, but also sometimes demands the engagement in solitary activities. For the first time man has at his disposal so many means of communication and at the same time he is isolated and lonely. Is it a new attitude to life or are we simply gradually moving into an era of alienation where direct contact and communication will be replaced by a screen and the applications generously offered to us? But even when there is social interaction, the lack of emotional and meaningful communication contributes more strongly to loneliness.

Man by nature is a social being, he has the tendency of communication and companionship as well as the need to join a social group. But the constant striving for social interaction can be oppressive, and loneliness is cited by many as the epidemic of our time.

Time with ourselves is essential for psychological well-being, spiritual and creative development. It can be considered as a means of rejuvenation, relaxation, self-awareness, personality development. and acceptance of ourselves The ability to 'survive' without social support and people around us is considered a sign of emotional maturity. This process requires time and lifelong effort.

Some people consciously avoid taking a break from the social environment and being alone with their thoughts out of fear and ignorance of what they might discover. To get to know a person we first observe them but it would be good to get to know and observe ourselves first in order to understand our feelings and needs and to be able to communicate with others.

On the other hand, long periods of loneliness are associated with certain pathological conditions, such as depression, anxiety, dementia, poor sleep quality, low self-esteem and loss of control. Also, people who experience loneliness tend to interpret various social messages, such as verbal or facial expressions of others, as threatening, and become even more vulnerable, judgmental and distance themselves from others.

The fight against aloneness will only take place when we know who we are and what we want from others around us. Being fully aware of ourselves makes us feel confident and ready to connect with other people.