"NO LO SE" the new song by Chariklia Mari & Vibesessiongr that gives a strong social message about healthy interpersonal relationships, breaking the bias against women.

"NO LO SE" the new song by Chariklia Mari & Vibesessiongr that gives a strong social message about healthy interpersonal relationships, breaking the bias against women.

"NO LO SE" Charikleia Mari - Vibesessiongr

As a psychologist and writer, I often comment on and develop issues of current affairs, but also of the artistic field.

Once again, Chariklia Mari & Vibesessiongr gave me inspiration through their music and the powerful message of their new song "NO LO SE" (whose video clip was shot in Barcelona, Spain), to write and develop the central message of the song through the perspective of Psychology. My purpose is to support the work of Chariklia Mari & Vibesessiongr, but also to give a scientific perspective to the message of the song, so that the world can better understand the message that the talented artists want to give.

Hariklia Mari is the multi-talented Greek artist who wrote the lyrics of the song "NO LO SE" with the main purpose of touching on the topic that "People nowadays enter relationships without being ready, without knowing what they want and above all unbeknownst to themselves, resulting in psychological trauma on both sides.”

In addition, Chariklia wants to break the bias against women in this particular topic, that women are the ones who don't know what they want. He correctly argues that both cards can be found in the same position. Somewhere here I am also coming to add as a Psychologist, but also with a bibliographic basis that Chariklia correctly positions herself regarding the issue through her song. So people nowadays focus on making relationships of necessity and not relationships of love, so we then see couples breaking up with enough mental trauma on both sides.

When a relationship of necessity is entered into, its purpose is to cover gaps that each person may have, and when the gaps are now filled, the relationship dissolves, because there is no longer the same need that existed at the beginning of this conclusion. On the other hand, when a love relationship is established we are talking about two complete people, who have no gaps, who have worked on themselves and are not looking for someone to fill their gaps. They are not looking for their other half, they do not need it, they are whole people who are looking for someone to walk alongside them. With a healthy approach, without pathological behaviors and toxicity that will bring mental damage and pain.

Based on the literature, the whole process of looking for a partner is completely normal, but it can be dangerous when the person has previous traumas that they have not acknowledged, accepted and processed. Experiences in life are what will bring maturity and deep acquaintance with the true self. In the early stages of adult life, it is scientifically expected to see people who do not know what exactly they are looking for and do not know how to identify their emotions realistically. Many people have traumatic experiences through these types of relationships, but such an experience can help people get to know themselves better and their wants without falling into the trap of personal needs and emotional weakness again. (Important: To keep in mind that pain is a process of evolution and empowerment.)

Let me also refer to the point where Hariklia Mari wants to break any bias against women regarding the aforementioned issue of "women not knowing what they want". I can say with certainty based on scientific literature and research on emotional intelligence, that the above phrase that "women don't know what they want" is indeed a bias. It has nothing to do with gender to know one's wants, but it has to do with needs, with experiences, with the way of thinking and understanding. Let me mention that in the case of any Psychological Difficulty such as depressive, anxiety symptoms, etc., it is more likely that people are more emotionally unstable and may not clearly know their wants and their real needs. Either man or woman can find themselves in the position of not knowing what they want at one stage of their life.

I am very happy as a Writer and Psychologist that there are sensitized artists like Hariklia Mari who wants to make the world socially better through her music, giving strong social messages to her listeners.

I thank the artist who inspires me with her desire to improve the world by giving me the opportunity to position myself as a scientist about her powerful social message.