The church of Panagia Eleousa

The church of Panagia Eleousa

A serene oasis in Kellia

Outside the village of Kellia, Larnaka, is a small chapel that brings you peace, it is the church of Panagia Eleousa. In this small church you feel that your heart is flooded with peace, tranquillity and serenity. It is so small but when you enter the space, you feel the space is large and can accept all of us.

The chapel is built on private land of Mr. Iraklis and it is a construction of the last years after the war of 1974. The chapel is surrounded by a green oasis, there are many trees, plants, flowers, various species of animals and birds (donkeys, peacocks, hens, ponies, pigs, turkeys, turtles, parrots, reindeer and goats) as well as a playground.

Mr. Iraklis and his family take care of the whole place.
In the area there is also a beautiful wooden bridge which is connected to a huge rock and their is a small iconostasis built there. It is created so that the believer can pray away from the noise.

It is a very beautiful place where you can visit at all hours of the day. I suggest you visit it in the afternoon, because the sunset is magical.