Polistipos Village

Polistipos Village

The village with the hazelnut trees

Polystipos is one of the highest villages of Cyprus. Is a village in the Nicosia District, located near Chandria, with an average altitude of 1150 meters, with only 155 inhabitants.

Though is a small village when i visited it the village was full of life and has nothing to envy from a larger village. The Nature trail length 1.7 km, with the forest of hazelnut trees, with their age-old oaks and the part of the European Nature Protection Network Natura 2000 makes it even more unique.

There are many versions of the meaning and origin of the name Polistipos, however the most logical is that indicates location with many tows (many=poli, vine plant = stipos). The Polystipos is not known for its vineyards today but for the hazelnut trees. Formerly the site of the village was full of vines, but the residents have reduced considerably during the Ottoman period since imposed a special tax on wine production.

In route to the nature trails of Polystipos you will come across with wild but fruitful trees, trees of other species such as walnut, pomegranate, almond, with flowers like the orchid Epipactis Microphylla, which blooms only near its roots of filbert trees and a small bridge.

Do not forget to visit the old church of St. Nicholas (Franco-Byzantine style) and the church of St. Andrew (Byzantine style), which is the only remnant of the monastery and monument under the supervision of the Department of Antiquities.

Where to stay: Accommodation "The house Eurydice '
Where to eat: Cafe "The Pantheon", or restaurant the 'Arbor'