Adjusting your work due to coronavirus

Adjusting your work due to coronavirus

Working from home

The fast spread of coronavirus is forcing businesses and workers to adjust to a new situation they are not accustomed to. 

With infections rising daily, all over the world, the restrictions announced by governments in Cyprus and in most countries of the world force workers to stay and work from home. Those who need to go to work have taken special steps of disinfecting and cleaning to protect themselves and their customers.

Special training is necessary to make business staff ready to change their way of working or keep working safely. Working from home is necessary to protect ourselves and others against coronavirus infection and it will be realistic to assume that this change will now be our daily life for a long time, since as the World Health Organization has announced new virus has reached the level of a pandemic.

How can you manage to work from home and stay productive?  

Many of us have never worked from our home before so we have to find ways to set up our workplace at home.

The key to working from home is to have clear communication with colleagues, bosses, and clients and to know what they should expect from you and what you should expect from them. That is to say, there is a daily schedule that is kept and renewed every day.

Some useful tools can help achieve all the above, such as applications that connect people with messages, phone calls, and videocalls and allow the immediate exchange of their work. Tools that can help and are free are Slack and Zoom. 

But those who are used to this way of working may feel isolated and disorganized.  This affects the productivity and mobilization of an employee. So try to communicate with other people and even better communicate face-to-face, such as using video calls. Even behave at home as you would at work, dress accordingly and do not walk around in your pajamas.

If you haven't organized a workplace at home, it's about time you do it. This space must be equipped with what you will need during your day. Some tech tools can make your work easier like a wireless keyboard and a mouse.

Don't forget the situation we live in is temporary, so, we don't have to panic and get out of our daily schedule.