Road trip in Cyprus
Monday 27/05/2024

Road trip in Cyprus

Essential information to know before your road trip in Cyprus

Road trips are the way to experience the island of Cyprus to the fullest. Renting a car, a buggy or a motorcycle is a must while visiting Cyprus if you want to explore more and be able to reach places that normal bus routes cannot take you.

To be sure that you are well prepared here are some tips to make a road trip in Cyprus a fun and comfortable adventure.

  • On the island we drive on the left side of the road and the wheel is on the right. It is highly recommended to rent an automatic car, so that it will be easier getting round. 
  • No worries though, rental cars have red licence plates so that the local drivers can acknowledge that you are a visitor.
  • Many travellers visiting the island are first surprised from the very well-organised road network and good paved roads.
  • Book your rental in advanced, so that you will have the time to compare the prices and find the best option for you.
  • The size of the island is small and this gives you the opportunity to see as much as possible in a small amount of time. You are only one hour away from the tip of the mountain to the cool blue beaches.
  • Who knows where your journey might take you, so make sure to have supplies so that nobody gets hungry or thirsty. On your way you might stumble across a local bakery. They are a great pit stop for stocking up on those car snacks!
  • Long trips often require caffeine! Make sure to remember your reusable mug, you’ll be saving the environment and also stopping your car from quickly turning into a dump.
  • Pack light and bring the essentials only! You’ll want to get comfy, and filling the car with luggage won’t be fun or safe! Our essentials? An in car charger, a torch,a loo roll and never forget your bathing suit- you never know when and how you will need it. A beautiful waterfall or a secret river are always an option travelling around the mountains of Cyprus.
  • Getting phone signal in some areas can be tricky! But, if you plan ahead and download local maps to your phone you’ll be able to use them offline!
  • Download a music playlists before you travel, not only could you save a fortune on data usage but you’ll also save precious holiday time that would otherwise be spent staring at your screen! And maybe pack an AUX cable in case your hire doesn’t have Bluetooth.
  • What’s a road trip without stopping to enjoy the views? Plan extra time in your day so you can stop whenever you want.

Now that you have all the information don’t hesitate! Believe It’s worth it!