Saint Matrona

Saint Matrona

The miraculous blind Saint of Pegeia

The small church of Saint Matrona is located in Toxetra in Pegeia. The chapel, with a unique view of the endless blue, was built in the name of Saint Matrona as a vow by two young people after they were healed from their illness, thanks to the Holy Saint.

Saint Matrona was born on 22nd November 1881 in the village of Sibenik in Russia, blind from birth and died in 1952.

Her parents Dimitrios and Natalia were poor villagers but very pious. Saint Matrona was the youngest child of the four children in the family. Her mother, due to poverty, thought of leaving the Saint in an orphanage next to a city, but after a miraculous intervention (she saw in her dream a white bird with a human voice but without eyes) was born indifferent. Matrona was baptized in honor of Othm Matron of Constantinople.

Her divine election seemed very early. During her baptism, the attendees saw a cloud on top of her. As the mother of Saint said, on Wednesday and Friday she did not breastfeed as she was asleep without anyone being able to wake her up.

She was given the proactive and insightful gift from the age of 6. She knew what illnesses people had, what problems they had, their sins, what would happen to everyone, and so advised them, warned them and cared for them.
At the same age, she once took her cross off and her mother fell out with her. Then Matrona said, "My mother, why are you fighting me? I have my own cross". 
Indeed, on her chest was a cross-shaped bump.

Saint Matrona prophesied the Bolshevik revolution, the fall of the Tsars, and the return of Orthodoxy to Russia. She is a modern Russian Saint and the love of the Russians for her is so great that they have transferred their love to the Cypriots, who built her temple in Pegeia.

The small church of Saint Matrona has visits from hundreds of believers from all parts of Cyprus daily but also foreigners to pray to the miraculous Russian Saint of the Orthodox Church.
Her memory is celebrated on 2nd May, her day of sleep.