Stay at home!

Stay at home!

There’s no right for you to roam

There is nothing quite like the feeling of waking up in the morning and whatever has been taken for granted, is different now. We should take into consideration the gravity of the situation that we are all facing at the moment. That’s why following specialists’ advice is crucial. Nobody could make fun of it, while there are lots of fellow human beings grieving their next of kin. However, panic can easily lead to madness.

First of all, after a month people are going out to streets and they got the feeling that they are staring in a ninja film. Hundreds of people of all ages are putting their masks on, so as to go for a stroll to the park, at the bakery or on streets. You are getting mad! The toilet paper syndrome follows. If your Cypriot mother encourages you to buy an abundant supply in advance, just put the brakes on! You are inevitably going to fill your pillows or your duvet cover with them. They take quite a space indeed! In the storage no square centimetre is left. The last pasta packets, flour and tins with canned tomato are on the upper self over the sleeping bag and camping equipment.

In this parody, elder people have their own part. In a ghost city, where a few young people are walking, you can see churches and bet agencies full of 60+ aged-groups. As a conscientious citizen you try to do whatever is necessary, at all costs, to protect the vulnerable groups and they simply do not care. When you ask them “Sir, why don’t you stay at home and protect yourself?” An impulsive reply follows. “You should protect yourselves. We‘ve lived our lives, but don’t cough and keep your distance”.

The business response to the coronavirus was work from home. But therein lies the source of evil. Women beg to be cured because they can no longer see their husbands. In good times, at least, when couples were still complaining about not seeing each other, they worked at least nine hours apart and saw each other for two. Men, on the other hand, tolerate the moaning of their wives, because now gloves hide that beautiful nail polish they had recently. As you understand, family tensions are inevitable.

Video conferences have replaced meetings. In addition to the hassle the desert workers have to instal the necessary applications, they have to deal with the various revelations that their cameras capture. As you talk about strategies, goals, and money, your colleagues are listening in the background to a vacuum cleaner or a mixer. If you also have a small home, which is likely because the Limassol rentals are on fire, the CEO will see your spouse go passed with a towel on. Look at least be positive! We become advocates of a sexier version of work and are not ashamed of our bodies.

After a period of utter silence, you hear from your headphones a child saying "Mummy, when are we going to paint?" The answer 'later, I have a job' does not seem to satisfy children. Overcoming the first shock, the mother apologises to the board for going to the toilet. This is the moment when the same little kid will come in with his colour pencils. In a matter of seconds the child will draw on invoices and charts, as if they were Picasso was. Moral Lesson: More Creativity at Work!

The pleasant side of this situation is that there are many people who enjoy ironing. Isn’t that true? Does this not apply to everyone? No worries! Darwin has already taught us about adjustability and flexibility. While you are going to iron your shirts, coats or your pants, some notes do not make any difference. As a result, you are going to have “creaseless” money without any bacteria. Be careful with your hands and don’t burn them! They are already tortured by the frequent usage of antiseptics.

After ironing a cup of coffee is all you need. At least, with the cafeterias shut, you are free to enjoy the aroma of your coffee, without being irritated by the smell of disinfectants, which your friend uses second after second. It is rumoured that Cyprus is going to follow other developed countries’ measure imposing curfew on all civilians. According to the State the only excuse of being out would be walking your dog. That measure was effective. Many people are “walking” whatever is or looks like a pet, such us their goldfish or chickens.

Seriously speaking, this is a challenging period, where being rational is not an easy task. Be patient and try not to put the vulnerable at risk. This is the tip we should follow. In any case, it will pass!