Summer holidays on the mountain!

Summer holidays on the mountain!

Why not?

Holidays ... A word so sweet that brings to mind a lot of beautiful memories of the comforts that we have with our company next to the sea.

But there will always be this member of the group who chose the mountain for the summer holidays, insisting that he had the same comforts and beautiful memories, with the only exception of the sea, making us wonder what did he found to enjoy on the mountain in the summer.

So we searched and found for you 7 reasons why it is worth this summer to go... agro-touristic!

The paradise of the hiker and the cyclist! Near the urban area of ​​Nicosia, it is full of rural roads that make hiking and cycling in nature look perfect. It is worth visiting the village's dam, the chapel of Panagia of Lagnis, the part of the E4 European Long Trail that passes by the village and the "Pikrovrisi tees Maerikas" Nature Path, in the nearby Kalo Chorio.

It is worth visiting for its exquisite forest environment, restaurants along the main road from Nicosia to the village and the famous Mother’s Monument!

After personal experience, I have to say that it is the mountain hiker's joy. Peace, quietness, tranquility, hospitable residents, a walk in the village and one in the surrounding mountains, will reward you fully!


An extremely popular mountain resort for Cypriots, either for staying in one of the many hotels or just for sightseeing and dining at one of its many restaurants. It is worth visiting for Old Kakopetria and its square, where you can sit under the deep shadow trees to relax and enjoy your coffee, the river with its ducks flowing all the year, near to the square, the old watermill that is hidden In a parallel with the River Path of Nature’s Study, as well as for the bakeries with the specially delicious products of the twin adjacent village, Galatas!

Another popular resort for Cypriots, which has a special reputation, even worldwide, for the rose water by the rosa damascenaea’s flowers, its delicious “pitsillisima” cold cuts and the delicious apples! It is worth visiting to find out how the above products are produced.

The quietness in this village, combined with the beauty of the landscape, despite being on a main road, can absolutely fascinate you! It is worth visiting for its forestry environment, the river with its waterfall, the dam of the village, the nursery of the Agricultural Research Institute with its hundreds of trees, the Monastery of Timios Prodromos in neighboring Moniati and the nearby Kourri’s dam, the largest dam of Cyprus!

The village of the furnaces! Although it has got its name from the pitch furnaces from the surrounding pine trees, today the village visitor can find only a few of them, maintained by the Department of Forests. It is worth visiting for its furnaces, the old school with its chapel, the bust and grave of Archimandrite Ieronymos Myriantheus within the old school, the other chapels of the village, the many donkeys, the most famous of which is Sotiris, the tavern in the village square, where you can relax under the shady vine, enjoy your coffee and delicious souvlaki, but also the famous bridges of the area, Elia’s and Djellefos’!


Have Wonderful Holidays!