Interview with Nikiforos Nikiforou

Interview with Nikiforos Nikiforou

Owner of the EKO Petrol station in Ayia Napa

Cyprus Alive spoke with Mr. Nikiforos Nikiforou, owner of the EKO Petrol station in Ayia Napa. Read the interview below to find out more about this business.

1. Mr. Nikiforos, when was your petrol station established?

In 2000, we took over its operation.

2. Where is your EKO Petrol Station located?

It is at the entrance and exit of Ayia Napa, after and before the hi-way, at 22 Sotou Hatziprokopiou Street, 5330.

3. What else does your petrol station offer besides fuel?

We can confidently say that we offer a fast car wash. Also, due to the fact that many buses pass through the area every day, we have an automatic bus washing machine, which we are one of the few in Cyprus to have.

We also offer oil changes, filters, we have our mini shop with coffees, snacks and a place for the customer to sit while waiting for their vehicle to be washed. We offer heating and motor oil for homes and gas for businesses.

4. What makes your service station stand out and different from others?

Friendly service and professionalism is what sets us apart.

Also, what I mentioned in the previous question about the fast car and bus wash. We understand that people do not want to lose a lot of time from their daily lives and their jobs, so we ensure that their vehicle will be cleaned in a very short time.

It is important that our petrol station was renovated in 2018 and meets all European standards.

Thank you very much Mr. Nikiforos and we wish you the best. We are sure that people will continue to trust in your professionalism and reliability.