The Afro Banana Republic Festival

The Afro Banana Republic Festival

Comes the 6th edition of one of the most popular festivals of Cyprus

For the sixth consecutive year, comes back stronger than ever, one of the most anticipated events of the summer, ready to transform the forest area of ​​Kornos in a cocoon of creativity.

The Afro Banana Republic (ABR) festival hosts bands and international scope DJs, who will appear with some of the best local musicians, and offer us a sonic kaleidoscope with dreamy aesthetic and uplifting mood.

Four different scenes will offer visitors the chance to wander into soundscapes, with captivating music from the most remote corners of the globe, from Afrobeat rhythms, world music, jazz, soul, hip-hop and reggae to funk and post-funk, disco , techno, house and beyond.

With this year's program that stands out is the presence of the pioneers of their kind Heliocentrics, will thrill the crowds with raw, raw Afrobeat and will present their magnificent music on the festival's main stage ( "In the Woods") together with the Nigerian legend orlando Julius. H-shaped back of London's Family Atlantica is something that also look forward, two years after the memorable appearance on the same stage of the festival.

At the highlight of this year's program certainly also includes the participation of Portuguese-Angolans Batida (aka Pedro Coquenao), who will present an ensemble that will surely inspire you, but will rouse you in Semba rhythm, Kuduro, Afrohouse, Afrobeat, hip hop and electronic dance music.

In outdoor Out of the Box stage will also attend big names of the electronic music scene, including the Delta Funktionen from Holland, the Cassegrain based in Berlin, the Dutchman with roots in Italy MA Spaventi and others.

The festival is enriched, this year more than when, through action, focusing not only on the night but in inspiring and joyful activities during the day. A large number of creative interactive nature projects will contribute to creating this immersive atmosphere. 

A variety of dishes will satisfy the most demanding palate, with sweet and savory delicacies are available at stalls will be set up. Alongside proffesional  mixologists will offer cocktails specially created for the occasion of the festival.


Friday 19/8

ABR Radio ON - 13.00 
Cusack (Dj Set) -16.00 
Roots Crew Soundsystem (Dj Set) - 19.00 
Multicultural Dance Party (Dj Set) - 23.00 
ENDs - 02:00

Multicultural Dance Party (Dj Set) - 19.00 
The 'Funkastic 11' (Live) - 20.30 
THE AFRO-BAND BANANA (Live) - 22.00 
Electric's Jalaba (Live) (UK) - 23.30 
CUT 'N' BASS (Live) (IL) - 01.00 
ENDs - 02.30

Kineza (Dj Set) - 22.00 
Serghides (Dj Set) - 00.00 
MA Spaventi (Live) (IT) - 01.30 
Cusack (Dj Set) - 02.30 
ENDs - 04.00

Introduction To Tai Chi With Alexis & Nataly - 19.30

Saturday 20/8

Digital Sisamos (Dj Set) - 09.00 
Venezuelan African Dance (Workshop) - 11.00 
Dj Charis (Dj Set) - 12.00 
"On spot" With Pueblo Franco & Jimmy D (Radio) - 14.00 
Dj Ioa (Dj Set) - 16: 00 
Roots Crew Soundsystem (Dj Set) - 18.00 
Pueblo Franco (Dj Set) - 22.00 
Patraulea (Dj Set) - 00.00 
ENDs - 02:00

Soundspecies (Dj Set) (UK) - 20.30 
Orlando Julius & The Heliocentrics (Live) (UK / NI) - 22.00 
Family Atlantica (Live) (UK) - 23.30 
Batida (Live) - 01.00 
Blue Loquat (Live) - 02.30 
Roscius (Live) (FR) - 03.30 
ENDs - 04:30

Protes Yles (Live) - 22.00 
Alexis (DE) - 23.00 
Cassegrain (Live) (DE) - 02.00 
Delta Funktionen (Dj Set) (NL) - 03.00 
ENDs - 06.00

Bombasoul (Set Dj) - 17.30 
Sandy Brour (Live) - 19.00 
ENDs - 20.30

To Yoga With Introduction Mayka - 10.00 
Louvana Live Recording Session - 15.00 
(Louvana Drives - Louvana Records)

Ticket € 20 for one day / € 30 for both days
Free admission for children under 12 years. 
The festival gates open at 14.00 on 19/8 (Camping space - Per tent: € 2 for one day, € 3 for the weekend. per caravan: € 10 for the weekend)