The Alexandria Wreck Cyprus

The Alexandria Wreck Cyprus

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The Alexandria Wreck Cyprus

The Alexandria Wreck Cyprus is an old fishing trawler that sank in around 2006. The story goes that it was on its way to be scrapped and whilst being towed from Larnaca to Limassol a storm broke out and the vessel sank.

Since the Alexandria went down, it has created a fantastic Artificial reef around the wreck and as a result there are a variety of fish that can now to be seen on the dive. It has to be said, that the Alex is probably one of my favorite of the smaller wrecks to dive on the island. She was a regular fishing boat that started to sink while moored up in and was dragged out to deeper water so she could As we drop down the shot line descending on the Alex, it comes into view at around 10 meters. We begin the dive just off the sea bed and usually this is where we often see Spanish Dancers plus a variety of other bottom dwellers that inhabit these waters. There are often many larger fish around the wreck such as Trigger fish that can be seen when there are divers in the water.

The first thing that you may notice when you first begin to approach or swim around the Alexandria wreck is that you experience an eerie feeling as the wreck comes and goes in and out of the gloom (it’s like a scene from a movie).

Once we pass around the massive bow of the wreck, we make our way up on to the first deck. This is where we find the Galley and the living quarters of those people who used to sail and live aboard the the vessel. As we swim down through one of the passages that run either side of the lower deck, it brings us round to the back of the vessel. This is where the fishing nets and winches of the fishing boat are located. We then make our way on to the Starboard side of the wreck, to where there are a set of steps that guide us down into the engine room and up to the bridge of the ship.

As we swim down to the front of the wreck we pass through the area where the toilets and shower rooms are located. This is until we find another hatch that leads us into the hold and this area is where the fish were kept once they had been caught. Having explored the hold area, we make our way out through the front of the wreck, then making our way up on to the upper deck and bridge.

One of the things you notice as you make you way over the wreck is that there are many tube worms on the vessel along with lots of Parrot Fish, schools of Barracuda.

Groupers, Sholes of Jacks and Tuna, Damsel fish and Pickels. The Alexandria wreck Cyprus is also home to a good size Turtle that you can see on most dives.

What Qualification Do You Need To Dive The Alexandria wreck Cyprus? The Alex is open to Advanced Open Water Divers.

It really is worth taking the time to dive this wreck and there is certainly plenty to see on the dive. The wreck offers some great opportunities for you to take some great pictures or videos.

Due to the depth of this wreck, you must be an Advanced Diver.

The Alexandria Wreck Cyprus

The most beautiful wooden wreck