Theatre for children: Can i tell you a secret?

Theatre for children: Can i tell you a secret?

A performance that you should not miss

The theatrical group "Little Worry People" presents on Sunday 04/03/2018 an entertaining show on bullying and social racism.

The show is framed by handmade theatrical masks and the theatrical technique of Comedia del Arte, which strengthens her plot and helps in managing emotions. The goal of the team is that bullying is not a road but a dead end.

The case of the show is the story of a girl who does not know how to handle her feelings, and behaves badly to others. We see that only one night, through the most unexpected encounters with humans and animals, will change the way she thinks. The recipe that gives her is simple: "Never do what you do not want to do to yourself". It sounds easy, but the girl in our story will need a little help to get to that goal and finally learn the secret!

The show is suitable for kindergarten children, pre-school and all the classes of elementary school.

Personally, I think such a performance is ideal for both children and adults, as such social issues concern all of us. Art and theater in particular is probably the most powerful form of communication in the world. I, as a child experienced bullying, and as an adult now, I am fanatically anti-racist, and I am proud that there are remarkable artists on our island who, with sensitivity and art, put an important role in improving this world.

Performers: Andrei Kroupas, Nikoletta Christoforou
Directed by Andrei Kroupa
Artistic Editing: Maria Christoforou
Text: Maria Christoforou

Date: Sunday 2018 | March 4th
Time: 11.00am

Duration: 1 hour

CONTACT: 22 590197 | 99 358663 | 99 621669