Taste the tradition of the mountains

Cypriot cuisine has a leading role in our culture

The Cypriot ‘meze’ s something you can find in all Cypriot restaurants-taverns and is usually a variety of meat dish served with wine or zivania. You can also add salad, grilled or fried halloumi, olives and other kind of accompanying dishes the owner can suggest. 

You can also choose to eat the traditional Ofto Kleftiko, Keftedes (meatballs), Makaronia tou Fournou (pasta baked in the oven with corn flower and halloumi on top) or Koupepia (Stuffed vine leaves). The list is huge...

When you visit Troodos we recommend you enjoy the true taste of traditional smoked and wine-cured delicatessen meat cuts like: Chiromeri (Ham), Lountza, Bacon, Loukanika (Sausages) and Zalatina. 

Of course, you mustnt leave the villages of Troodos without tasting their delicious preserved sweets, like karydaki (walnut-see picture) cherry, apple and rose, all produced by the local trees and flowers. 

Kali sas Oreksi! (Bon apetit).