We found a restaurant that only serves healthy and delicious food
Wednesday 26/06/2024

We found a restaurant that only serves healthy and delicious food

With a chef skilled in creating

The paradise of fitness freaks is located at Old Port of Limassol and offers many and delicious options to start your healthy journey in the most fun way.

FRESHA Healthy Cuisine and the Executive Chef, Apostolos Apostolidis, represent the philosophy of healthy living, veganism and healthy eating, offering a different proposition for going out.

Our recent visit to this unique restaurant was an unforgettable culinary adventure!

Sitting at a table next to the glass window, we were captivated by the amazing view of the blue sea, creating a peaceful and picturesque setting for the start of our culinary experience.

The space was beautifully decorated with nice aesthetics and Boho elements, creating a cosy atmosphere.

What we tried!

The friendly staff helped us choose the right healthy combination that suits our tastes.

We decided to start by trying one of their appetisers, the Pink Bruschetta: Home-made sourdough bread with green buckwheat (a healthy gluten-free alternative to traditional grains), pink hummus and mushrooms.

Each bite was an explosion of flavour, making the perfect start to the rest of our meal.

Continuing with the main courses, we ordered two of his most sought after dishes, the Pasta with spinach pesto and the Naked Burger.

The pasta dish was a masterpiece. The earthy taste of the spinach was perfectly combined with the taste of pine nuts, creating the ultimate gustatory delight.

The Naked Burger was very different from any other burgers we have ever tried, we were pleasantly surprised! Double vegan burger combined with their special almond cheese, their pink hummus, pickles and all this in fresh lettuce... Delicious but also filling. It is one of the highlights of this restaurant.


You must try one of their desserts. Of course, like the food, they make everything themselves and it is 100% organic, plant-based, sugar-free and gluten-free.

We tried the Tiramisu Raw and the Cheesecake Strawberry. We were impressed with its delightful flavours, proving that healthy desserts can also be just as delicious.

The portions were generous and the prices very affordable for the area.

Whether you are dedicated to healthy eating or simply someone who appreciates great food, FRESHA offers a dining experience that is as nourishing for the soul as it is for the body.

Add it to your to-do list next time you are in Limassol and enjoy its dishes.

(25711115) Limassol Old Port, Shop 2
Instagram: @fresha.cy