Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing the new trend in Dasoudi Beach

Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing the new trend in Dasoudi Beach

A great way of keeping the body and mind healthy, fit and happy!

The envy of the island’s beach towns and summer resorts, Limassol, is lusted after for its diverse blend of sports, culture and commerce. 20km of coastline stretching from East to West make life on the water a sunrise to sunset affair in the glamorous seaside hotspot, where locals and tourists flock to the sandy shores to enjoy their pick of walking, swimming, fishing and of course, their favourite water sports!

Taking over the international sports scene and stealing the hearts of Limassol residents, wakeboarding and wakesurfing are two of the most energizing, fun and addictive activities to enjoy on the water, year-round. Wakeboarding involves a rider being towed behind a boat, strapped into a board resembling something between a snowboard and a surfboard. Riders cross the boat’s wake, performing air tricks as they pop off the crest of the wake, much to the enjoyment of their friends and family watching them from inside the boat! Wakeboarding is as fun as it is challenging and with the right coach, can turn into a passion for life and even a career! The possibilities for aerial manoeuvres in wakeboarding are endless and a ride behind the boat makes for the perfect day out for both the rider and their group on board.

Wakeboarding’s trendy counterpart, Wakesurfing, is taking the world’s lakes and oceans by storm, with countless videos of everyone and their dog (literally) surfing the face of the boat’s wake on specially designed boards. Wakesurfing is known for its ‘cool’ factor, since the rider drops the tow rope soon after standing up on the wake and surfs smoothly just behind the boat, close enough to enjoy their favourite tune and high fives with their friends filming closely ahead.
It came as no surprise when we discovered that it was none other than Limassol’s most popular beach, Dasoudi beach which had become home to NOA Wake School, a dedicated wakeboard, wakesurf and wakeskate school, operating since the summer of 2018. Loved for its central location and out-of-this-world eucalyptus forest, Dasoudi beach is arguably Limassol’s most beautiful backdrop for an epic ride behind the boat!

NOA Wake School welcomes riders of all ages and abilities, with its youngest just shy of 4 years of age! A passionate rider himself with years of experience in all board sports from snow to sea, NOA Wake School’s coach is committed to getting Limassol outdoors and on the water! 

During our recent visit to Dasoudi beach and NOA Wake School, we were greeted by the coach himself, who gave us a safety briefing and familiarised us with the boat and the equipment before welcoming us into the wonderful world of wakeboarding, wakesurfing and wakeskating. To say we were wowed by the magic of the still 7am seas would be an understatement. We were thrilled to learn about the multitude of health and wellness benefits offered by these wonderful sports, including improved balance and coordination, flexibility, versatility and a fully body workout, strengthening all muscles from the back, to the core, to the legs and arms and even the neck! We can’t wait for our first lesson!


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