Ways to do your make-up in the summer

Ways to do your make-up in the summer

10 Beauty tips for summer make-up

Summer makes putting make-up on a little difficult. This however, is not supposed to prevent us from looking beautiful and fresh. Simply, we just need to change our beauty routine. With the suitable products and beauty tips that follow, you will be able to wear make-up every day!

Step 1: Clean your face vey well. Make-up "melts", not only because of the heat and the sweat, but also because of the facial skin. During summer months, our skin produces more oils, therefore before you apply the make-up, it would be a good thing to use a face cleanser. Exfoliate your skin and afterwards use a tonic lotion that will refresh it.

Step 2: Apply a oil-free sunscreen and leave it to be absorbed before you continue. Don't ever forget your sun protector!

Step 3: Use a good primer. Apply a small quantity of primer with sun protector. It will keep the pores clean and will maintain stable make-up, giving the essential protection. In addition, your skin will be smoother and the final result more natural and beautiful.

Step 4: Do not apply a lot of bronzer. Apply only to the facial points that sun"touches" first. The T-Zone, forehead, nose and the chin, but also the cheekbones.

Step 5: Put concealer only where it needs. In order to make your make-up more luminous, you can choose to use a Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector. Do not use foundation during the summer, but if you be believed that you should, only put when you need it, always in small quantity. Don't use products that make your skin "shine".

Step 6: Choose soft and translucent colour shades that suits you for lips and eyes, because dark colours can show heavy on you this time of season. Select translucent shades and lipstick.

Step 7: If you are fan of bronzers, try not to overindulge and apply it evenly, therefore you won't have any colour contrast between the face and the neck.
Step 8: If you prefer creamy or gel rouge. It will give you an even and smoother result from dusty rouge. You will apply it more easily and it will be mixed better with the base that you have selected. Moreover, it is applied better by the classic rouge in warm or sweated skin.

Step  9: Use light-coloured lip tints and not lipsticks for your summer look.

Step 10: Summertime means frequent sweating and swimming in the sea or in the pool, and even irritated eyes from the sun. Choose the waterproof version of your favored maskara in order to avoid skin and eye irritations. A more drastic solution could be the permanent eyelash tinting, only by beauticians and lasts about 6-8 weeks.

For fresh make-up that lasts, use Makeup Setting Spray. It is light, also comfortable and ensures that your make-up remains in its place.

Have a beautiful summertime!!!