We came again with our shovels in Latsia! Did you?

We came again with our shovels in Latsia! Did you?

Latsia Municipality organised a tree planting last weekend

Tuesday 25/02/2020

Last Saturday (22/02),  Latsia Municipality invited us for a second event "Come again with your hoe" for a tree planting.

So we went again... with our hoe!

The first tree planting took place on November 30th, 2019, when Latsia Municipality along with 1500 volunteers planted 2700 trees in about 2 hours in Apalos hill. For those who do not know, Apalos hill is near Kakaristra Gorge area in Latsia.

Last Saturday, taking advantage of the sunny weather, hundreds of voluntary fellow citizens came to plant about 1,000 trees on Apalos Hill. The purpose of "Come again with your hoe" was to plant another 1000 trees, replace the trees that did not survive the previous tree planting and maintain the basins of the existing trees.

The trees that are planted are Cypriot trees such as locusts, olive trees and pine trees which can withstand the weather conditions in that area.

The trees will be irrigated for the next 3-4 years, with a perforation that was found in the area until they become autonomous.

This initiative, highlights the importance of volunteering and show how a few hours of teamwork can provide meaningful and catalytic intervention for society and also the environment. Anyone can volunteer to accomplish a common vision. "Come with your hoe" is a good reason for a selfless offering to our planet.

Anyone who has planted a tree can visit the spot and take care of his/her tree whenever he/she wants.

The ultimate goal of this initiative, is to plant around 50,000 trees.

If you want to get involved in the next tree planting, you only have to be informed through the "Come with your hoe" page on Facebook.

See you in the next tree planting!