Yermasoyia Dam

Yermasoyia Dam

Source of life

The Yermasoyia Dam is just 8 km away from Limassol town. It was built in 1968. The dam receives water from the Amathos river, it is 49 meters tall and the capacity reaches up to 13.5 cubic meters of water. The presence of the dam created a new environment in the region of the Municipality of Yermasoyia and for nearby areas.

Visitors can participate in different activities in the area of the artificial lake such as walking nature trails, fishing, sports, rowing competitions and cultural activities. Pancyprian and International canoe races have also been held there. Visitors can even go on excursions in the surrounding area and visit the ruins of medieval water mills and the ancient church of St. Luke.

Also on the banks of the dam are the villages Foinikaria and Akrounta where they can enjoy a cup of coffee.

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