19+1 activities at home

19+1 activities at home

To pass a painless lockdown

Thursday 12/11/2020

In recent days, the outbreak of corona-virus has brought inevitable measures of restraint and self-protection. Sports facilities and children's activities, playgrounds, public outdoor areas, department stores and more have been padlocked. Upset parents and especially children are looking for how to overcome this stage painlessly and creatively. Everyone is looking for how they can be entertained.

Another difficulty, in the further enclosure, is the winter. On the one hand the cold, on the other the rain, which makes even car ride seem difficult to unlikely.

So how about we change all this gloomy mood by organising Play Days in our home? this way we will avoid both sticking with the TV, mobile and tablet, but at the same time we will develop and strengthen our social and family ties!

For this reason we have found and show you 19+1 fantastic activities to spend a perfect family Winter lockdown. Activities smart, creative, relaxing, old, favourite and enthusiastic! So we have and say:

1. Show your children the photos from when they were little.

2. Write a letter to each other and open them after five years.

3. Make drawings for Grandpa and grandma.

4. Play rubber.

5. Upload a show with magic tricks.

6. Make constructions with blocks

7. Play soldiers, listening, silent and laughing.

8. Turn on the music and dance.

9. Do physics and chemistry experiments.

10. Disguise yourself.

11. Play treasure hunt.

12. Build a time capsule: fill it with paintings, stories, photos and open it a year later.

13. Play puzzles.

14. Build a car garage out of cardboard boxes.

15. Have a picnic in the living room.

16. Play board games.

17. Build shuttles.

18. Read fairy tales and change roles.

19. Make musical instruments from recyclable materials.

And the extra activity, where the whole family would burst out laughing, we left it at the end. Let's go!

Activity number 20.

Become a news presenter, in front of the rest of the family, telling the "news" of the house, announce the next day's schedule or the menu of the week.

Have fun!