2nd Futsal Tournament

2nd Futsal Tournament

Scoring … against school bullying

A fun sporting event is coming in December in Limassol. The 2nd Indoor Football Tournament will be held on 22nd and 23rd December 2018 at the closed Palais De Sport - Spyros Kyprianou Stadium in Limassol.

Everybody understands that football is the king of sports for the thrills and spills it offers. Others less, others more fanatical with the sport...more or less everyone knows  a little or more about football. But what is indoor football?

Let's get to know the sport...

This is a variation of the known sport. As its name implies, it is football played indoors. Its name comes from the Portuguese futebol de salão which means hall football.

How is it played?

Futsal is played between two groups of 5 players, on an indoor court, obviously smaller than the regular one, demarcated by lines. The ball is smaller and has a lower bounce than the regular football. Its variations and diversity allow the players of this sport a great deal of creativity and fun.

We kick for a good cause...

This tournament is held by the Limassol Pancyprian Organization for the Rehabilitation of Disabled People (LImassol P.O.R.D.P.) and in addition to acquaintance with the sport, it aims to socialize and familiarize children with disabled people through sport and entertainment and eliminate school bullying. In this sporting love feast game, school children are the stars and Love scores the goal!