3rd Ofto Kleftiko Festival 2018

3rd Ofto Kleftiko Festival 2018

Saturday 25th of August in Meneu

Asteras Meneou Athletic Club organizes this year the 3rd Ofto Kleftiko Festival 2018 (traditional meat). The Festival was crowned with absolute success attracting more than two thousand local and foreign visitors in the past two years. (2016 and 2017). 

At the Ofto Kleftiko Festival there will be a kiosks with traditional Cypriot products and constructions.
 Photo: Απλά και Ωραία

It should be noted that although this festival was scheduled for Saturday, September 1st , 2018, according to the latest news, the festival will be held on Saturday, August 25th , at the Meneou Primary School Stadium.Photo: Οικογενειακό Κέντρο Η Πλατεία Των Κέδρων

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