A Cypriot Coffee Shop 

A Cypriot Coffee Shop 

The Coffee Shop 1953 

A beautiful comfy place located in the Saripolou square in Limassol, keeps a Greek classic atmosphere!!! 

 The coffee shop 1953 is open night & day and is suitable for both occasions; relaxing during the day -  great for coffee and a chat - and gets busier as the night follows with louder music, alcoholic drinks and shisha. Always with the best all time classic Greek songs plus events with live music from local artists. A variety of drinks with a lot of traditional ones that you don’t easily find, like the zivanomelo which is traditional zivania with warm honey - a drink that I first tried there and I recommend it to anyone open to new flavors. 

 The Coffee Shop is a place for everyone who likes Cypriot style leisure - almost everyone in Cyprus does - so if you are one of those people this is the place to be.


Saripolou 82, Limassol, Cyprus