About Us

About Us

Cyprus Alive is owned by the company TKS Advertising, which was established in 1992.

It started with the idea of promoting Larnaka companies on a Larnaka tourist map.

Today, TKS publishes 5 tourist maps for all tourist towns of our island and a nationwide map of Cyprus.

In 2016, Cyprus Alive was born. We realized that Cyprus had so much more to offer beyond its stunning beaches and rich history. It was a place where every event, every location, and every business had a unique story to tell.

Our vision was clear: To create a platform that celebrates Cyprus in all its glory, to showcase its hidden treasures, and to bring people closer to the heart and soul of the island.

We aimed to foster a sense of community, connecting locals and visitors alikethrough shared experiences, and to support the local businesses.

Cyprus Alive is now one of the Top 5 websites that promotes Cyprus. We have a high percentage of loyal recurring Clients.

We are proud to say that we are offering the “best value for money” in advertising solutions.

About Us

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