1st Beer and Wine Festival in Kakopetria!

1st Beer and Wine Festival in Kakopetria!

Beer and Wine Fest with Christos Menidiatis

The Community of Kakopetria organizes this year - for the first time the “BEER AND WINE FESTIVAL”, and invites young and older to have fun in the village!

The combination of these 2 beverages in one Festival became - very smart - to attract people of all ages and preferences!

The popular and beloved Greek artist - Christos Menidiatis will be there too, for the artistic program of the Festival that will take place in the courtyard of Kakopetria Primary School.

This is a special festival with over 15 beer, wine and food stores with a wide range of beers and wines.

So, on Tuesday 14th of August, do not miss this unique festival, which will be held for the first time at the Primary School of Kakopetria - from 17:00 until midnight.

Entrance: € 7 with a drink / € 3 (for under 12s).