Blossomed almond tree

Blossomed almond tree

The winter bride

We have the pleasure, we us Cypriots and those living in Cyprus to see after the halcyon days almond trees to bloom in the winter and month of February although it depends on the variety, the temperature and environmental conditions.

It is the first important flowering for the bees which they collect pollen and carry it from flower to flower as small fairies be jumping around.

In Cyprus and Greece we call an almond tree "bride" cause is full of flowers and has mixing colors like white - pink although abroad is more pinkish the color.

When I see buds to appear, although is winter it smells spring.

Greeks wrote and they composed a song inspired by the blossomed almond tree (George Drosini and George Kostis) which we hummed every time when we see our landscape to be graphic from their exquisite flowers, fly casually by the breeze and the white color to blend with the natural green territory of Cyprus.

A piece from the lyrics:
Shook the blossomed almond tree
with her hands of
and her back was filled with flowers
the arms and the hair.
And was filled with flowers ...