Carnival 2017

Carnival 2017

Starting the countdown

Put on your high heel sneakers and get in carnival mood!

A replica of the mega Brazilian event taking place pretty much at the same time of the year or not, people across the island put on their funky & shiny and flood the streets. 'Fun' is the name of the game, and the best part of it - everyone is having a great time out in the open! 

Short history

The Carnival has over a hundred year tradition in Cyprus and is celebrated in all parts of the island. In Limassol, the Municipality takes the lead organising all the fun activities in free-access areas. Regardless of age or social status, people gather together in colourful numbers and march the streets, 'tis a day of sharing.

The celebration starts on Smoking Thursday every year, this year it's going to be 16 February, when the Queen of the Carnival known as 'The Deep Blue of the Mediterranean' will make her grand entrance into the city. This will be followed by the Grand Parade taking place on Sunday, 26 February.

Programme highlights

Tuesday - 14 February: 7.00 pm @ Limassol Marina Square: The Limassol Municipality in collaboration with Limassol Marina give you Ariones Choir followed by a cheerful show of a group of Limassol Majorettes. This will be followed by a parade with ending point at ΤΡΑΚΑΣΟΛ Cultural Centre, hosting the 'Limassol Carnival 2016' exhibition.

7.30 pm: The Limassol Municipality & the Cyprus Photographic Society will cater the Pancyprian Photographic Competition and Exhibition featuring 'Limassol Carnival 2016'. A selection of photographs from different carnival celebrations and costumes will also be displayed. 

Wednesday - 15 February - 6.00 pm @ Limassol Town Hall: Get ready for 'Carnival 2017'(exhibition organised by the Limassol Union of Self-educated Painters & Limassol Municipality) and put your hands together for the Choir of Kato Polemidia Municipality.

7.00 pm: Theomaria Art Gallery hosts the 11th carnival mask exhibition organised by Vera Efthimiou Parlalidou. For the more crafty of you who love masks, good news comes your way - workshops will teach you all there is to know about mask making and decorating (if you're not a savvy mask maker already). You can enjoy this all thru 15 to 25 February.

A lot more is yet to follow!

Thursday - 16 February -  11.00 am: Don't miss the fiestas to take place in front of the Limassol Cooperative Bank on Gladstonos and Bank of Cyprus on Ayou Andreou Strs.!

12.30 pm: Serenades, anyone? Well, serenade lovers, don't miss the Limassol Serenaders concert @ Saripolou Square.

5.30 pm: the party continues @ Grigori Afxentiou Square, in front of the District Office, radio producer Mario Papadopoulos will give you the real feeling of Carnival and Carnival rhythms.

Friday - 24 February @ Limassol Marina Square you can sway to the music of Modernoi Keri Choir, the Limassol Serenaders, the Cypriot Serenaders, the EDON Serenaders, and more.

Saturday - 25 February - 10.30 am: Welcome aboard the Municipality's children train that will be touring around the city (charity event organised by the Limassol Co-operative Savings Bank).

3.00 pm: Classic car lovers, make sure you don't miss the Limassol Classic Cars Club starting @ Enaerios Parking Place and driving across the city, and many, many more surprises await you on Sunday from the first hours of the morning (brunch hours, don't be alarmed!). 

26 February starts with the Grand Carnival Parade on Arch. Makarios III Avenue and will give you the chance to enjoy the music of the Serenaders, the dance of the cheerful Majorettes, and these are only but a few of the reasons why you should get out there and have fun.

Full programme and updates available @ Cultural Services, Limassol Municipality.

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