Christiana from Larnaκa saves a life!

Christiana from Larnaκa saves a life!

How becoming a donor changed her life

Christiana Papakyriakou is a 25 year old nurse from Xylofagou, who decided to help save a life, Christina says that it is the most beautiful gift she has ever given in her life!

When and how she made the decision to donate:

She made the decision to become a Bone Marrow donor when she was a student in Patras in 2012 when she heard that a little kid was looking for a donor so she went and gave a sample. Seven years later she got a call from the Karasaki Foundation and they told her that she was a compatible bone marrow donor for someone.

Her first feelings when she got the call:

Christiana couldn't believe it, she said ''I felt like the happiest person in the world because it's so important to be able to help save someone's life. And one more reason is that I see what patients are experiencing and what they go through due to my work, I can see that these people have along and hard road to face."

How this experience changed her life:

Christiana explains that ''This experience that I had was one of the most important in my life. It was a great life lesson which reminds us to live, love, offer what we can and at the same time appreciate what you have. It was the greatest gift I could ever give to someone without any consideration and no cost. I think it's a blessing to be given this opportunity to save someone's life."

How important is Bone Marrow Donation for Cyprus:

Unfortunately there are thousands of people with blood cancers such as Leukemia & Lymphoma, Sickle cell anemia and other diseases. The best cure is bone marrow transplantation from a compatible donor, this is the solution to save their lives. Finding a compatible donor is unfortunately rare. Each of us could be the right person for a patient to save their life!

What message Christiana gives to those who hesitate to become donors:

Christiana believes most people are afraid of the process and says it's not difficult. She also says, "I think we should not think about the process but that we will help save someone's life, who hopes to live the same way we live. Each of us at some point in our life may need a transplant. Think that you can make a person happy and more simply, make them smile! ''

Her message: ''Be a donor, be the hero for someone who really needs you. It is not difficult with a little saliva on a cotton swab. Give life, give smiles!''.