Church of Panagia Karmiotissa

Church of Panagia Karmiotissa

The church of legend and tradition...

The church of Panagia Karmiotissa located north of Limassol city and it is part of the old monastery of Carmelites. The monastery should be established by the end of the 13th century. AD. or early 14th century. AD. After expulsion of the Carmelites, catholics monks from the homonymous mountain in Palestine, many settled in Polemidia area, where they built the monastery, which is dedicated to the Panagia Eleousa, known as Panagia Karmiotissa.

The church belongs to the type of one-aisled basilica, and the dimensions of the church is 16.20 meters long and 5.50 wide. The roof is shaped pointed arches, reinforced in the middle with a pointed bow also. The church was restored by the Cyprus Department of Antiquities in 2001 North of the church and within 100 meters there is a cave deep in the holy water springs, which heals wounds and skin diseases.

According to testimonies of residents of the area sanctify guided petroktisto groove in Agia Napa Church which is located in Limassol city center. Also over the holy water is the 'ropes', bush, which has survived in a remarkable way by fire that threatened the monastery and destroyed all the vegetation of the area .In this ropes tied many offerings of the faithful who daily come to worship. The church of Panagia Karmiotissa attracts thousands of believers from all over Cyprus to the miraculous icon of Panagia Eleousa.

On Tuesday of Easter celebrates the Temple and gathered hundreds of believers to express their gratitude to the Virgin Mary.