Do you wear eyelashes?
Saturday 08/02/2020

Do you wear eyelashes?

4 simple things you need to know

Are you thinking of getting your eyelashes done or planning to get them done? There are 4 things you should know to do or avoid before or during your appointment.

The 4 things are the following:

1. Say no to coffee:

Caffeine makes the eyes heavy and this makes the job difficult. If you want to drink coffee just drink it several hours before your appointment.

2. Go to the appointment without makeup: 

Do not put makeup on or remove makeup before your appointment to get the job done, because it will necessarily require the specialist to remove it or force you to remove it at that time and this will waste time and possibly reduce the time of your appointment, therefore you may not get the result you want.

3. Put your phone on silent:

Hearing your phone ringing and not being able to see it causes you curiosity and disturbs your calmness. Your only option is to have the specialist checking on your phone, but this will delay the process, so put the phone on silent and forget it, relax until the process is over.

4. Clean your eyelids:

With eyelashes it is more important to remove the eyeliner to maintain the eyelashes and more importantly to avoid eye irritation.



These are the simple things you need to take care of.

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