Easter Monday in the Village
Thursday 30/03/2023

Easter Monday in the Village

Traditional dances and games

In the small village of Lageia in the Larnaka district, every Easter and especially every Easter Monday, it comes to life with many different traditions.


The small community of Lageia, the ecclesiastical committee with the "Friends of Lageia" Association organise traditional games, traditional dances and rich food.
The event is open to the whole world, for young and old, locals and foreigners.

Easter Monday Program:

  • 11:00 "Evening Mass of Love" (Esperinos tis Agapis) 
  • 12:30 The buffet opens with fresh souvla and more
  • 13:15 Traditional Dances

Followed by traditional games, more traditional dances and fun.
For more information, call : 99682420 

Buffet price (drink not included)

  • €13 Adults
  • €8 Children 

The village of Lageia is a small village with 17 permanent residents, very picturesque with stone-made houses, an old ancient church and beautiful picturesque streets.

One day in Lageia will take you back in time to the past years...YOU ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND!