Experiential Seminars: Body language

Experiential Seminars: Body language

Self-Knowledge - Self-esteem

These seminars relate to body language. The body language is a kind of communication that is not done with speech but with the movements of our body and our facial expressions, whether spontaneous or on purpose.

If you want to learn more and more analytically about the secrets of communicating with the body language, these seminars are the best for you to learn.

In these seminars you will learn to decode the messages you receive and to send your own!

There are several categories such as:

Appearance - Personal attraction, Glance - Smile - Face, Body movements - Gestures - Positions, Vital Space - Physical Contact, Voice - Non-verbal elements of speech, Personal Development - Self Confidence, Emotional Harmonization

July 27th will be the Seminar Self-Knowledge - Self-esteem.

Subscriptions: 7:00 pm

Starts at: 7:30 pm

Erifili's BookCafe, 80 Irini Street, Limassol. Cyprus

Cost: €10 meeting (€7 for students of university or college)

Presenter: Irene Morari (Life Skills Trainer)

For participation call: 70000013