Fatal accident at the ISAP of Agios Nikolaos

Fatal accident at the ISAP of Agios Nikolaos

1 dead - 2 injured

A serious accident with a company machine that was cleaning the lines of the electric railway, occurred at dawn at the electric station in Agios Nikolaos.

At this time the itineraries are made only in the part Piraeus - Omonia.

According to information, 3 people have been injured. The three injured were received by EKAB, one ended up a little later.

According to information, the accident took place at the ISAP station in Agios Nikolaos when a line cleaning machine, in which seven workers were riding, probably had a problem with its brakes and were forced to jump on the lines as it was in a collision course with a passing train. who had been deliberately placed on the spot to stop the speed he had developed.

Source: pronews.gr