Fikardou Village

Fikardou Village

An "Ancient monument" and a "Controlled Area"

The road today leads us to the forest of Machairas since after our pilgrimage to the homonymous monastery we continue our exploration in the nearby villages of the monastery.

Southeast of Troodos and southwest of Nicosia about 40km, relatively close to the village of Lazanias is the village of Fikardou.

The village is the property of the Department of Antiquities, which in 1978 declared the entire village an "ancient monument" and a "controlled area". It is also nominated for a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fikardou and the surrounding villages were founded by residents of the occasionally looted coastal towns, who were forced to flee to the mountains for safety but the difficult living conditions led to clan formations that used knives to solve their various.

The area, controlled by this classless society became known as the mountain and Forest Machaira.

Due to the fact that the site was known as the haunts of the fugitives "fugitive Andron" the community ended up being known as Fikardou.

What to do in the village?
The abandoned villages, despite the bitterness they leave you when you visit them, have something mysterious that motivates you to explore them.

First of all, the village is in itself a "living" museum. But there is also the Ethnological Museum of Fikardou that belonged to the Katsiniorou family and is an old mansion that represents how people lived at that time.

It is a two-storey rural mansion with a wooden two-pitched roof and many architectural elements of The Venetian era. The floor was the living room, while on the ground floor the various works were done, and also there was a storage room for food.

Because the village is very small it will not take you more than 1 hour to explore every corner of it.

Walk around the cobbled streets and look at the traditional architecture, in the early 19th century, the main houses of the 18th century are remarkable examples of folk architecture.

Having retained its mediaeval features, you can't help but feel like you're travelling back in time once you walk through the small maze of streets that wrap it.

If you like cycling or walking in nature, or just want to take a walk in the countryside you can explore the surrounding area and although the village is beautiful all season in the spring with blooming bougainvillea and forest green make it an ideal destination for excursions.

In the village there is a church dedicated to the Apostles Peter and Paul, dating back to the 18th century. The church is located in the centre of the village and is surrounded by trees and greenery. From the churchyard you see the whole forest unfolding before your eyes.

Where are we eating?
The only tavern in the village "Giannakos" operates as a cafe in the morning and a restaurant from noon until night. If you go to the village do not miss a stop for coffee or food.

Thousands of visitors flock every year to this village of rare beauty in every respect to admire the beauty of nature and the elaborate, unique architecture of the houses.

It's time to visit if you haven't already.

For now check out some photos and videos from our excursion.