Konnos beach and the "Pirillis Konnos restaurant"

Konnos beach and the "Pirillis Konnos restaurant"

Our experience: Authentic home-made flavours, panoramic views, exotic cocktails and cooling dives on the beach!

Saturday morning, a summers day perfect for a day out and for a dive in the sea. We chose to visit Konnos Beach. A picturesque beach with golden sand and crystal blue waters, located at the border between Ayia Napa and Protaras.

The sea was flooded by local and foreign tourists while several small boats anchored just off the shore. Behind the beach is a very popular hotel, which in the summer months is literally flooded by people.

After having enjoyed our time at the beach, we decided to visit the near by restaurant "Pirillis Konnos Restaurant" located right above the beach. So we followed the stairs found on the beach that lead straight to the restaurant. The route, Gorgeous! Climbing the stairs, the higher we reached, the more seductive the landscape below seemed. 

The restaurant, welcomed us in its large courtyard. The decoration was impressive, shaped to fit perfectly with the blue landscape that spreads in front of it. Of course the showers in the area gave us the opportunity to enjoy our food clean. A little further, there is a large swimming pool and a smaller one for children as well as a small playground to entertainment our little friends and a pool table to entertain older children.

The hospitable environment and the impressive view of the restaurant make it one of the most special destinations in the region and it is not a random attraction for locals and foreigners. Suitable for relaxing moments after the beach, Sunday evenings with friends and even romantic dinners.

The Flavours:
In a particularly captivating environment, a rich array of dishes unfolds with amazing flavours. Authentic ingredients and traditional homemade recipes, the menu of "Pirillis Konnos Restaurant" is a reference point for lovers of fine cuisine. The culinary journey starts from the very first bite.

In the menu you will find a rich variety of salads and delicious dishes from selected and fresh ingredients. An elaborate delicious mix of steaks, pork chops, chicken, a great variety of fish and past dishes, souvlaki, burgers, pizzas etc.

We started our meal with a refreshing salad full of green vegetables and continued our culinary journey with the "Garlic Sirloin steak". An enjoyable dish consisting of a steak surrounded by a rich smell of garlic and accompanied by boiled vegetables and french fries.

Of course, the choices are many and among the delicious dishes that will reach your table at affordable prices there is a Kids Menu for our little friends.

Once the gastronomic journey begins, simply let go and travel with all the amazing flavours of the dish. And believe us, the choices are so many, that they satisfy every palate. In order to make your dinner more enjoyable, a wide range of drinks, wines, soft drinks, beers, fresh juices, Milk shakes and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are also at your disposal.

We should not forget to mention the deserts!  As sweet lovers, we ordered the lava cake, it was amazing! There are of course many other delicious options such as ice creams and crepes!

For the most relaxing afternoon moments, "Pirillis Konnos Restaurant" also offers shisha. Starting with classic flavours and reaching a magical combination of exotic flavours and aromas.

Experience the ultimate taste experience...
If you want to experience the ultimate dining experience, this restaurant is a must visit. We are confident that your experience will be as unique and enjoyable as ours. The beautiful beach, the stunning views and the irresistible flavours will make sure that you visit over and over again!