Interview with Antonis Miltiadou

Interview with Antonis Miltiadou

Owner of Bacchus Restaurant & Café in Pafos

Cyprus Alive spoke with the owner of Bacchus Restaurant & Café Mr. Antonis Miltiadou. Read the interview here and learn more about this wonderful Bistro Café Restaurant overlooking the sea and very close to the Mediaeval Castle of Pafos.

1. Mr. Miltiadou, when was your restaurant founded?
Our restaurant has been operating since 1994.

2. Where is it located?
In the heart of the tourist area in Kato Pafos, with a beautiful view of the sea, 20 meters from the waves and overlooking the Mediaeval Castle.

3. What does Bacchus offer their customers?
Our restaurant offers a wide variety of local dishes such as: meze, kleftiko - kotsi, which has been awarded, mousaka, stew but also fresh fish such as sea bass, sea bream, Norwegian salmon which we fillet, squid, octopus and many other options.

We generally offer Mediterranean, International and Indian cuisine. We also offer pizzas that are made here with Italian base dough and we have 5 great options.

We also have home-made sweets and amazing cocktails for all tastes.

4. What makes Bacchus Restaurant & Café different?

The quality of the raw materials used in the preparation of the meals, combined with the passion, enthusiasm and professional training of our staff, is for us our great advantage.

Our suppliers are constantly and thoroughly vetted and we demand the best quality at reasonable prices. We never settle for inferior products. Our meat, fish and vegetables are always fresh, natural and of the highest quality. We insist on proper food handling procedures by our skilled and highly skilled chefs (European and Indian), who embrace our business philosophy and constantly strive to cook and deliver the best quality food.

At the same time, great attention is paid to cleanliness both in the preparation areas, but also in the catering area and the sanitary areas of the restaurant. In addition, our staff, with their many years of experience in customer service, are professionals in their industry with the best high levels of service. They also have the advantage of being fluent in Greek, English, Russian, German, etc.

On a daily basis, we try to enrich our knowledge from the reactions and needs of our customers. These culinary needs of our audience are constantly changing and we are here to fully cover them. Always with an open mind.

5. Your vision?
To continue maintaining ourselves at the same high levels and if expansion opportunities present themselves, to utilise the knowledge and experience we have acquired over the years.

Thank you very much Mr. Miltiadou and we wish you the best. We are sure that people will be delighted by your wonderful original creations, quality and hospitality.