Interview with the director of Mandra Tavern in Pafos

Interview with the director of Mandra Tavern in Pafos

Gregory Papastylianou

Cyprus Alive spoke with the director of Mandra Tavern, Mr. Gregory Papastylianou. Read the interview below to find out more about this amazing tavern in Pafos. 

1. Mr. Papastylianou, when was Mandra Tavern established?
Our family restaurant was opened by my father in 1979.

2. What does your tavern offer? 

The Traditional Cypriot Cuisine and cultural experience.

3. Where is Mandra Tavern located?  

In Kato Pafos, behind the Historical Church of Theoskepasti. Originally the restaurant was my great grandfathers house and was later converted into the restaurant by my grandfather and father.

4. What makes your tavern unique?

We focus only on Traditional Cypriot Cuisine. We do one thing and we do it good and we try to utilise traditional methods using locally sourced ingredients where possible.

5. Your Vision? 
We want to show more of the Cypriot culture, food and art to our visitors. We have the opportunity through our unique venue to show in real life what tradition means to us and how much we honor it by keeping it alive and introducing it properly to our customers.

Thank you very much Mr. Papastylianou. We wish you all the best and we are sure that people will love your delicious Cypriot food, your service and your passion for tradition!