Cypriot film "Akamas" - Movie night

Cypriot film "Akamas" - Movie night

Thursday, November 16th

On Thursday,16th of November, at 8 pm - 9:30 pm, the apothiki 79 in Larnaca presents the “Akamas” Cypriot film directed by Panikos Chrysanthou.

Omeris, a Turkish Cypriot, grows up with Greek Cypriots. It has been taught that people have no differences between themselves, whether they are called Greeks or Turks, Muslims or Christians. When he falls in love with a Greek Cypriot girl, he realizes that the world is not as he imagines he is. to be able to stay with his beloved when the people around him move in the opposite direction. If he does not want to win, he has to fight the absurdity of fanaticism


  • Cypriot film 2006
  • Director: Panikos Chrysanthou
  • Writer: Panikos Chrissanthou
  • Actors: Christopher Greco, Agni Tsagaridou, Michalis Terlikkas
  • Genre: Drama 
  • Language: Greek (Cyprus Dialect) few Turkish & English
  • Subtitles: English, Turkish, Greek (For Greece), Greek (For Cyprus)
  • Organizers: Apothiki 79

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