Mahalepi recipe

Mahalepi recipe

Extra easy.... extra light....

Mahalepi is perfect for the hot summer days, very easy to make and an extra light dessert!!!...


  • 6 cups of water
  • 6tbsp maise starch
  • sugar
  • rose water
  • rose syrup

Dissolve the maise starch in the water, place it in a pot and put it on fire.
Stir constantly until it starts bubbling and thickening. Turn down the heat and keep stirring 
until you have a thick cream. 

Serve the mahalepi cream in one big pyrex tray or in small bowls which you have rinsed with cold water 
(they have to be wet before serving). 
Let the mahalepi cool thoroughly, cover with water and keep in the fridge.
Serve mahalepi in a bowl with one spoonful of sugar, some rose water and some extra cold water.
Add some rose syrup for extra flavour.


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