Cycling in Cyprus

Cycling in Cyprus

Have fun, keep fit and see new places!

A Bicycle is a very widespread means of transport. A special feature of a bicycle is its ability to respond to several different requirements, such as movement, sport and entertainment. 

The favourable climate, the streets without intense traffic and the natural paths, are the main reasons why the island of Cyprus is ideal for cycling. Cyprus is now a reference point in the world cycling map, since a very large number of professional and amateur cyclists have visited it in recent years. In addition to the highly successful world-class cycling competitions, it also offers excellent routes for mountain biking and street biking.

Throughout Cyprus, multipaths are ideal for cyclists of every level and offer the opportunity to explore the unparalleled beauty of the Cypriot nature.

Therefore, whether you are a professional cyclist or cycling is just your hobby, you will also enjoy the thrill offered by new discoveries, natural breathtaking scenery, the favourable climate of the Mediterranean, the surfaces that challenge you and the true feeling of freedom that cyclists can enjoy crossing the urban and rural areas of the island.
You can also find specially designed routes and bicycle rentals in every city. Since ancient times, adventure lovers have been using two-wheeled vehicles to meet their need to come in direct contact with nature and feel their adrenaline peak. So cycling is a way of enjoying, especially during the summer months, the sun of Cyprus, the route, the countryside and the fresh air and, of course, feeling the adventure.

In all cities you will find exquisite and trusted offices that rent bicycles at affordable prices, offering you the possibility to take your ride, wherever and whenever you want and the most important, safely. 

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Whatever your goal is cycling in Cyprus is really enjoyable, as long as you follow the below:

Take care of your bicycle with systematic maintenance so that it is always in good condition.
So you're sure the bicycle is not going to leave you anywhere. Always drive with the basic tools and a spare tire.

Always make sure you wear your helmet before you start.
It may not fully protect the head but minimizes any head injury you may have from a fall.

Always wear a helmet, a waistcoat or other light-coloured garments, and check the lights and brakes work.
The most important dangers are vehicles, angry loose dogs and more!

Use bicycle paths.
When there is a bicycle path on a road, we use it irrespective of our course, as it is mostly composed of two lanes, just like a "normal" road! In the case were a bicycle path is not available, we do NOT use the opposite lane of the road as this can cause an accident or an injury!

Use the road only if there is no bicycle path.
And in this case, we must keep to the left-hand side of the road. We must not interfere with the movement of the other vehicles, a distance of one and a half (1.5) metre's must be kept between the bicycle and the other vehicles. Driving a bicycle should be defensive and not aggressive. Avoid riding too close to parked cars or cars waiting at the traffic light. There is a risk that a door will open and lead you to a fall resulting in injuries.

DO NOT move on a motorway (highway).
This is forbidden by law in Cyprus, but it is also dangerous to our physical integrity, as we might get the attention of drivers and cause an accident! That is why we prefer old highways, bypasses, villages and neighborhoods.

Driving a mountain bicycle, it is important to know the route you will be traveling.
If you go to unknown routes make sure you have a map and a compass with you.

Drink water frequently.
During cycling, you must hydrate your body every 20 minutes by drinking water. If you feel the need to drink water then dehydration has already begun.