Monument of the Cypriot Mother

Monument of the Cypriot Mother

The statue on the hill that stands arrogantly

Today we are in pitsilia and specifically in the village of Palaichori in the Nicosia district.

In a road trip in the surrounding area we made a stop in the village of Palaichori where we admired the green landscape and the architecture of the village.

As we made our walk we saw something faint on the hill called Papoutsa.

So we were intrigued to go there and see what was on the hill.

We went up the steps leading to the top of the hill and there we saw a statue dedicated to the Cypriot mother.

The statue was built in 1961 and commemorates the mothers who had contributed against the liberation struggle of 1955-59.

Next to the statue are the figures of Kyriakou Matsis, Nikos Georgiou and Michalis Karaoli.

Although the statue was made to honour the mother who offered at that fight, in my opinion it represents not only the mothers at that fight but all the mothers who sacrificed their children for the liberation of the island.

The statue stands on the hill in the traditional costume with the mother's gaze directed at all the children who sacrificed for the homeland so that we live today free although our homeland is still divided in two.