My Love – Music Video
Thursday 28/09/2023

My Love – Music Video

A great song written by a disabled teenage girl, about her teenage love!

“My Love…” Love, a word upon which our world is built on, a word which comprises of the key elements of the harmonious co-existence of the people of today. A beautiful song with the words taken directly from the soul of a young teenage girl, called Efi Charalambous, music by Stelios Michaelides and orchestrated by George Synnos. Singing this duet together are Veronica Jotovic, an autistic girl with an angelic voice (who was also the personal choice of Efi) in combination with the dynamic voice of Katy Spiller. The video clip is a production of the established and award-winning photographer and videographer, Andreas Tsiartas.

This song talks about love and the teenage love of a girl for a boy. It talks about the “butterflies” that every person feels in their stomach when they fall in love.

That which cannot be expressed in words, may very well be said through the lyrics of a song. Music as a global language can caress the ears of a blind person by creating images in their mind and transcend the body of a deaf person like a vibration, allowing them to dance to the rhythm. It can become words in the mind of a child who finds it difficult to speak, touch the soul of a child with brain paralysis and remind us of what it means to truly love one another. Can a girl or a boy with disabilities fall in love and be loved? Of course they can! All people, even those who look or act a little “differently” from the rest, have the right to love and be loved. 

The word love, however, is not restricted only to romantic love, since love can be felt by a parent/guardian or caregiver for their child and this can be seen in the light that shines in their eyes, in their facial expressions, their body language, in a gesture, a smile or even a warm embrace. Love can exist between two very good friends that do not place labels on their relationship but love each other truly and selflessly.
Behind the creation of this song is a large team of people (with Stelios Michaelides as the main initiator in collaboration with the valuable help of Katy Spiller), who fight on a daily basis to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and promote respect for their rights. People who are sensitized and who still believe in LOVE. The concept behind the music videoclip of “My Love” a reality due to the invaluable support of the Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation, as well as a multitude of other sponsors and supporters.

Throughout the song’s video clip, we want to pass on the message that love has no labels, it does not differentiate between people and is an inherent right for us all. Hence, it does not matter if some children are different in any way from other children. This does not deprive them of the right to dream, to love, to fall in love and grow up to live a normal life and have the same equal rights and opportunities.

Contributors to the song:

  • Singers: Veronica Jotovic & Katy Spiller
  • Backing Vocals: Katy Spiller
  • Music: Stelios Michaelides
  • Lyrics: Efi Charalampous
  • Orchestration/Recording/Production: George Synnos - My Concert Recording Studio
  • Final master: High end studio R-mic Athens
  • Record Company: XRC Records USA
  • Video Clip Production: Andreas Tsiartas – iCREATE photography by Andreas A. Tsiartas
  • Scenario and Directing of video clip: Stelios Michaelides, Katy Spiller & Andreas Tsiartas
  • Photography: Christos Christou, Katy Spiller

*Opening Digital Creation (Video Clip): Valeria Aristidou – VA Creative  
*(The official logo of the song was created voluntarily by a talented graphic designer who wishes to remain anonymous)
*Birthday Invitation Graphics: Ali Sale
*(The final version of the birthday invitation was created voluntarily by a talented graphic designer who wishes to remain anonymous)
Sign Language Interpreter: Marilena Antoniou 

  • Video Clip Participants: Maria Moryianni, Ethan Kruger, Efi Charalambous, Toulla Maimonis, Veronika Jotovic, Thalia Mikrou, Fani Anastasiou, Andros Papadopoulos, Marina Karsera, Stavria Sofokleous, Styliana Avgousti, Constantinos Avgousti, Giannis Georgiou, Nikolas Georgiou, Panayiotis Alekou, Louiza Georgiou, Orestis Koumnas, Evangelia Evangelou, Andreas Alexandrou, Christiana Zambirini, George Meletiou, Christana Gregoriou, Loulla Yiakoumi, Panayiota Yiakoumi, Anna Christina Groza, Chara Christodoulou, Efraim Psara, Alexia Stylianou, Demetra Christou, Cassandra Trittis Zachariou, Yvonne Zachariou, Antonis Zachariou, Simona Zachariou, Andreas Marshial, Petroulla Petrou, Athanasiana Marshial, Marios Antonios Marshial, Demetris Marshial, Michalis Pavlides, Kristia Christou, Chrysanthi Christou, Nayia Christofi, Melina Seleari, Sofia Markou, Katy Spiller, Stelios Michaelides, George Michaelides, Constantinos Michaelides, George Synnos.
  • Production Volunteers: Stefanos Ayiomamitis, Frixos Christofi, Stalo Makridou, Sofia Markou, Helene Zenios
  • Major Sponsor: Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation
  • Sponsors: Sunfresh (Pareklisia), Esso (Pareklisia Gas Station) Private Institute PMK English For All, Peric Water
  • Communications Sponsor: Efimerida Lemesos
  • Hospitality Sponsors: Royal Apollonia Hotel, St Raphael Resort & Marina, Limassol Marina
  • Refreshments sponsor: FX Back office
  • Marketing Sponsor: Funnelcross
  • Advertising Campaign Sponsor: Heramo
  • Supporters: Limassol Municipality, Ayios Tychonas Municipality, Pancyprian Organization for Rehabilitation of Disabled People (P.O.A.A. Limassol), School Board Limassol (President Mr. Ellinas), Orizontas Centre of Preventative Development and Therapy, Ablebook, Private School for Sign Language “Taksidi stin Siopi”, Education And Rehabilitation Centre “Yparho”, Ifestos Sports Club, Volunteers Group Limassol, Art N Fashion Boutique, Clock Café (Laniteio), Baaliyan by Katy, Katy Spiller Photography.

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