My Top 12 Restaurants

My Top 12 Restaurants

in the Protaras area

Drive down the Main Street of Protaras and you will see that over half the buildings are restaurants. They are mostly full of tourists. Let me show you where the Greeks go (as well as the British in the know).

For the best quality food, I would advise a fifteen minute drive down to the village of Sotira. I consider absolutely tops to be "Mousikos" closely followed by the "Ploumin". Both are extremely good and both have excellent meze options. What gives Mousikos a slight edge is their halloumi which they make themselves. It is the best halloumi I have tasted anywhere. An absolute must to be included in your starters. Both Mousikos and Ploumin have lovely courtyards for eating outside and a lovely atmosphere indoors for the colder months. "Old Simmos", also in Sotira, is very popular also and Andri, the wife of the husband and wife team, is an excellent cook. The "Paneri" down the road can provide exceptional value. They often have eat-as-much-as-you-like buffet nights for 10 euros a head where they offer a vast selection of well-prepared dishes.

Closer to home head out from Protaras towards Cavο Greco. You will come to a restaurant called "Pieros". Superb fresh Kleftiko most days, very reasonable prices and a delightful setting under trailing vines.The owner also makes his own wine.

For best value Sunday Carvery, you can't fault the Kama Lifestyle at less than nine euros for a superbly prepared English Sunday Lunch with all the trimmings. They have a pool bar and large swimming pool for the customers' use, not to mention a bowling Green. This is more of an English haunt and a great favourite for many UK expats. The Kama also has many event days: barbecues, singing contests etc..

Within the Protaras main strip is the Cyprus Traditional Tavern. Pretty busy and no use trying to book. They give incredible value with three course set menus from around 7 euros and their drinks are very well-priced too.

If you would prefer to eat overlooking the sea, "Kalamies" in Pernera is the place I recommend. They grill Octopus to perfection and have a large selection of fresh fish for you to choose as well as meat and vegetarian dishes. Love it there.

Further along the seafront walkway (you can if you, prefer, drive there along the back roads) are Zafiros and Di Capilla next door to it. I like these mainly for having drinks and maybe a snack meal. Di Capilla is perhaps a little more expensive, but also provides more substantial meals.

For a really superb view looking down to the sea, go to Spartiatis at the beginning of Cava Greco.I usually opt for fish there, but they have a good selection of the usual Greek dishes.

Finally, for a really lovely setting by the sea go to the third fish tavern in Potamos. There are a lot of tables and sometimes there are plenty available. Other times the place can be packed and it is safest to reserve a table.

Cyprus has a lot of lovely restaurants serving lots of delicious food. Numerous are the ones I have not got to yet and my apologies to all those who probably merit a place in "The top dozen Protaras-area restaurants". I will doubtless stumble across you or have you recommended to me in the fullness of time

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