Nature trails

Nature trails

In which one have you been to?

The summer is already here and the first excursions have started to be planned. The sea undoubtedly has it's place of honor, but the mountainous areas are also a very good opportunity for vacations away from the routine and rhythms of the city.

A holiday in the Troodos mountains is probably the best idea if you are looking for a mountain destination for the summer and have small children. And this is because the children will definitely be excited about everything they will discover and learn close to nature.
The paths that exist in the area are unique and will surely meet the needs of all travelers. Walking one of the nature trails, under the coolness of the trees, one has the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful colors and smells of nature, get to know the rich fauna and flora, admire the beautiful landscape, breathe fresh air and relax his spirit. 22 hiking trails have been created in the mountains of Troodos to highlight the beautiful landscapes and the intense Mediterranean character of the island. Some of the nature trails are listed below.

Persephone Trail: At a distance of 150 meters from Troodos Square and an altitude of 1700 meters, there is one of the most enchanting and easy paths that cross the pine forest. One of the most impressive parts of the trail is located about 1 km after the start, as it is covered by dense and towering pines, which help the wild ferns to cover the ground like a natural carpet, creating a mystical atmosphere. It is 3 kilometers long and ends at the end at the location of Makria Kodarka, with a breathtaking view all the way to the sea of ​​Limassol.

Artemis Trail: One of the most beautiful in the Troodos mountain range, whatever season one chooses to cross it. The starting point is located 300 m from the junction of the road to Chionistra with the Troodos - Prodromou road, at an altitude of 1850 meters. It is 7 km long, but without particular difficulty on the route. Crossing it, you pass through the black pine forest, where there are also 2 centuries-old trees of around 500 years old, but also through rocky places with an impressive view.

Caledonia Trail: The trail that leads to the waterfall, following the course of the Cold River, is about 3 km long. The entire trail is hidden in dense vegetation, with strong aromas of the endemic trees and bushes next to the river. It is a unique walk that is worth doing, even with small children. To cross the path you need to wear suitable shoes, preferably waterproof, since the path is interrupted several times by the river.

Madari Trail: Perhaps the most impressive natural route in Cyprus, the "Madari Trails" are expected to add some adventure to the hiker as well as add to his portfolio of unique images and experiences. The path is located inside the Adelphi Forest in a section that has been included in the Natura 2000 area "Madari - Papoutsa". The Teisia Trail of Madari is connected to the Madari – Doxa soi o Theos and Madari – Selladi Karamanli Trails at its starting point. The route, in addition to being in contact with nature, offers a panoramic view of Troodos, the lowest points of Solia, Mesaoria and in the closest shot to the villages of Kannavia and Agia Irini, Xyliatou Dam, Lagoudera, Polystypos and finally to Pitsilia and the province of Limassol.