Neromylos Kouyioukas (Traditional Watermill)

Neromylos Kouyioukas (Traditional Watermill)

A weekend close to Tradition!

The Neromylos Kouyioukas (Watermill) opens its doors for a tour of tradition! Music, dance, local products and demonstration of traditional arts and crafts!


Οn Saturday 07/10/17 at the annual festival organized by Neromylos Kouyioukas (Watermill) (10am to late afternoon) you can visit the Museum of Neromylos, the exhibitions of traditional arts and craftsmanship, to get acquainted with the methods of preparing the baked goods, tasting authentic tastes and have fun with live traditional and Greek music.

The Neromylos Kouyioukas is located at the Paphos District Road, 3km after Yiolou Village.

Communication Phone: +357 26632847