Eating fresh fish right on the beach feels like paradise!
Wednesday 22/05/2024

Eating fresh fish right on the beach feels like paradise!

Especially at an award-winning restaurant

A picture is worth a thousand words...And in this particular case, you will see for yourself exactly what we mean.

Fresh seafood, in a setting reminiscent of summer on an island, with a unique view and a wonderful atmosphere.

We recently visited a restaurant in Protaras, where we enjoyed ouzo and seafood dishes in an extremely privileged spot, literally on the golden sand in the Pernera area.

This is the award-winning Kalamies Restaurant, which combines everything you want for your ideal outing. Quality products, friendly service and an idyllic atmosphere. Even more so when they make sure that you have fresh fish and seafood at your disposal every day, as well as excellent options in grilled food and meze, made with love and with the best ingredients.

The favourite seafood suggestions, as well as many dishes with tasty "twists" that quickly stood out established the restaurant as a must destination in Protaras. By having their own fishermen they manage to keep the freshness in their dishes. Enjoying fresh fish and delicious seafood is not a luxury here. It's a daily choice. It is no coincidence that for almost 50 years it has been a constant choice in coastal Protaras, nor is the fact that it has already won 3 Cyprus Eating Awards in the Fish category in the last 10 years.

We visited Kalamies Restaurant and our experience was magical

In a wonderful space with white decor and the blue sea stretching out in front of us, we sat down to try their wonderful creations in a summer island landscape.

The presence of three generations of owners in the same place at the same time is another important element that really touched us.

The restaurant is romantic, with beautiful decoration and an incredible view of the sea and the church of Agios Nikolaos.

The menu is a real feast...As we found out, it was basically created by Mrs. Maria Zachariadou Moustakas, one of the owners, and it is based on the freshness of the raw materials, the creative recipes as well as the original suggestions. Especially for Fish lovers the menu is a wonderful masterpiece of flavours. Fresh mussels, scallops sautéed in butter and lemon, tuna tartare and salmon carpaccio are some of the countless options that will delight you. 

Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that you will taste only the highest quality and freshest, since at Kalamies Restaurant they know very well the art of cooking seafood.

We have tried and recommend the fresh steamed mussels, fresh calamari, fresh oysters, sushi and the best lobster pasta. We paired our delicious food with white wine and ouzo. Speaking of which, there was no other way! A little wine, a little sea and... good company!

Tip: You must try their halloumi Lokoumades with honey that will take you on an unprecedented taste journey and the kunefe, a traditional sweet of Constantinople, made with great care.

This feast of flavours is not to be missed!

(23831145) Pernera, Protaras
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