Virgin Mary of Love

Virgin Mary of Love

The chapel of lovers

The beautiful chapel of the loved ones of the Virgin Mary of Love is located 3 km north of the village of Vavla in the province of Larnaka on the riverbank of Agios Minas, which crosses the village.

The chapel of the loved ones ... It is the only church that exists in Cyprus, but also in the whole world with this name.

The chapel of the Virgin of Love was built in 1935 at the base of a 16th-century temple. Although the building is relatively new, the icon of the Virgin Mary was painted in the 16th century. Behind the Holy Mountain there is a marble under which is found the sacred ground of the Virgin Mary.

As the tradition says, a man or woman who wishes feelings of love towards the person they are interested in, should take a small amount of soil from that space. The soil must be shed secretly in the water or the coffee of that person and then they will feel eternal love for the person who gave it to them. The image of Our Lady of Love was stolen by some unknown sacrilegious thieves, but after the miraculous intervention of the Virgin Mary, the priests decided not to proceed with the implementation of their plan. So one evening they decided to return the picture, placing it outside the door of the church of Saint George. The inhabitants of Vavla received it with devotion and repositioned her in her place in the church.

The chapel of the Virgin Mary of Love attracts many couples in love where, in front of the miraculous icon of the Virgin, they confirm and seal their love.

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